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Arts Roundup: Co-Opting Punk Music to Sell Meat Edition

Quick! Someone find a reason to be grumpy about this guy, who just wants to make D.C. commuters happy. [Post]
Clint Eastwood's Republican National Convention speech: Could it have been inspired by opera? [Post]
Red Apron Butchery is really into co-opting punk-rock album covers to promote their meat. [Prince of Petworth]
Local smooth-jazz musician Marcus Johnson now has a wine. [...]

On “Make My Day”

“When is he going to say ‘Make my day?’”
It’s late 1988, maybe early 1989, and I’m watching Dirty Harry for the first time, on VHS. Earlier, the trailer for The Dead Pool—the last of five Dirty Harry movies, notable mostly for an early appearance by Liam Neeson and for the sordid spectacle [...]

D.C.’s Newest Movie House: The American History Museum

I don't see much of an icky side to this. From the Post:
The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and Warner Bros. Entertainment announced Monday an opening date of February 3 for their new movie project at the museum.
A series of four festivals, starting with a Humphrey Bogart tribute, will be held during the first [...]

Reviewed: J. Edgar

In the past few years, Clint Eastwood has been more successful coaxing terrific performances out of A-list actors than terrific movies out of mediocre scripts. It started with with 2009’s Invictus (Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman) and continued with last year’s Hereafter (Damon again). Now there’s J. Edgar, a limp, snooze-worthy biopic about FBI director J. [...]

J. Edgar Waldorf

J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood's biopic about the controversial first director of the FBI, opened yesterday, but something about it doesn't feel right.
The movie, which is mostly set in the District, hops between the bureau's early decades, when J. Edgar Hoover was an earnest young anti-Bolshevik, and the final decade of his life, when he became [...]

Arts Roundup: The TV Is Angry Edition

Dept. of Future Releases: Sockets Records tweeted at the world yesterday that two of its bands—noisemakers Imperial China and space-punks Buildings—turned in their albums this week. Both, Imperial China's third album, How We Connect, and Buildings' first LP, should be out next Jan. 28.
Cluster-Eastwood-fuck: TBD's Jenny Rogers landed on the red carpet for last night's Newseum premiere [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 10

This weekly assemblage is now a decagon in the aggregate, yet it retains the general shape of Week 1, in which we told you that on one side are "the deep thoughts, the innovations, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs and the acid trips" and on the other side are "the conflicts, the punchlines, the [...]

Eastwood and Morgan Discuss Hereafter

Clint Eastwood nearly died when he was 21. And when faced with the possibility of meeting his maker, his thoughts naturally turned to...hunkering down with a cold one.
"I was in a plane crash off the coast of Northern California in the wintertime," Eastwood says at a press conference for his new film about the afterlife, [...]

Tonight in Film: Play Misty for Me at the AFI Silver Theatre

As an actor and director, Clint Eastwood has fixated for five decades on the theme of revenge, largely through the prism of masculinity. True, he didn’t invent the laconic, badass loner, but over the course of his career—particularly in Sergio Leone’s westerns and as “Dirty Harry” Callahan—he surely perfected the trope. For his directorial debut, [...]