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ToDo ToDay: Terekke, Clinic, Local Authors, and a Spelling Bee

"Nostalgia implies a lack, which I’m not so interested in," Heatsick (aka the England-reared, Berlin-based Steven Warwick) told music site The Quietus last year. Those are heady words for a dance-music creator whose primary tool is one of those old Casio keyboards with the orange hexagonal drum pads, but the proof is in his rhythms, and [...]

Download Clinic’s Remix of True Womanhood’s “Sympathy”

Last week we posted True Womanhood's new space-age, dancehall-ready track "Sympathy," which the formerly-of-D.C. electronic band recorded over the summer. When the song came our way, singer Thomas Redmond was ecstatic to announce that the new song would be getting a remix by the English post-punk band Clinic.
Well, here it is, and it's a jangly, [...]