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Photo: The Public at the Dougout

Harvey Pekar and the Death of a Splendid American

Harvey Pekar will probably end up remaining best known for his mass-media appearances, such as his contretemps on the  Late Show with David Letterman, or the American Splendor movie based on his life. However, in many ways, Harvey exemplified the American dream. The son of Polish immigrants who ran a grocery store, Harvey eventually overcame [...]

Cleveland Gangsta: A Q&A With Musician Bushwalla

While some musicians work to stay within tidy little genres, Cleveland native Bushwalla (real name: Billy Galewood) does not—and rightly so. He says his music is "an acoustic, funk, soul, folk project rooted in positivity, comedy and optimism...a vaudeville show." Using the skills he learned working as a clown in his childhood years, Bushwalla brings [...]