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DMV Beats: An Appreciation for Pat Is Dope

Pat Is Dope vs. Danny Brown
D.C. blogger and all-around hip-hop head Pat Is Dope hasn't gotten much attention from DMV Beats, and that's unfair. He serves up a steady stream of content on and has more than 190,000 followers (!) on Twitter. Surely they're not all stripper/porno bots. Pat's rep stems, in part, from [...]

Listen: Asheru’s New Album, Sleepless in Soweto

It took Asheru three years to reach this point. But there he was Wednesday night at Tropicalia on U Street NW, doing his best to explain the premise behind his much-delayed new album, Sleepless in Soweto. "I went over [to South Africa] this time and I've come to a different look at the world," Asheru told [...]

Arts Roundup: Charm City Offensive Edition

Oh, look. There's some snow on the ground. My street? Still not plowed. Pitfalls of living in Upper NW, I suppose.
Speaking of the Great Icy North, Sarah Godfrey notes that MuchMusic, the Canadian answer to MTV, is days away from launching a new version of RapCity that will likely bear little sonic resemblance (i.e., way too [...]