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Reviewed: Jason Falchook and Seth Adelsberger at Civilian Art Projects

The past decade of work by Jason Falchook—a Brooklyn-based photographer who trained at the Corcoran College of Art and Design—has been punctuated by somewhat disorienting compositions, often with a narrow field of focus and ground that seems to tilt at an angle away from the viewer. In Falchook's most recent exhibit, “Laying Tracks,” one can [...]

Furthermore Finally Schedules a Hard Opening

When New York-based curator and former Washington artist José Ruiz offered Bridget Sue Lambert a job as a printer, she jumped at the opportunity. His new digital print shop, Furthermore, first unveiled in a Washington Post article last fall, would allow her to work toward a full partnership with Ruiz. And, finally, she’d be working [...]

FotoWeek: Noelle K. Tan’s “The America Project: utopia” at Civilian Art Projects

In much of her previous work, Noelle K. Tan’s photography has been striking for its exquisiteness—a mix of precisely shaded details amid a glaring field of white, or the reverse, brightly lit features within a cloak of darkness. But Tan’s work has also been notable for its anonymity: It has been everywhere, and thus nowhere. [...]

FotoWeek: “Remote” at Civilian Art Projects

The exhibition “Remote” is intended to encompass “desolate far reaches of the mind and the land – places hard to reach, but rich with reward when discovered and investigated.” This theme is a bit flimsy—it’s hard to characterize the tourist locales and highway lightposts in the exhibit as being truly isolated—but it’s more fruitful to [...]

D.C. Galleries: Moving Up, and Moving Everywhere

The new Touchstone Gallery.
Penn Quarter hasn't been the sort of edgy neighborhood where scrappy art galleries grow for years, so it came as no surprise when it finally displaced its oldest fine art outpost. Touchstone Gallery, one of the D.C. art scene's longest-lasting brands, was squeezed out last fall when the building at 406 7th [...]

Immature Hour: Good Times for D.C. Artists with Peter Pan Complexes

Toys-or-Bust Kid: D.C. artist Cory Oberndorfer says, "I don’t want to grow up."

Gallery or playpen? In the past three months, some of the following objects appeared in local art spaces: Tickle Me Elmo, stuffed animals, Scooby-Doo figurines, Wii games, plastic soldiers, and Pac-Man. We saw Boy Scouts and schoolgirls and regressed to their [...]

Now on View: “George Jenne: Don’t Look Now” at Civilian Art Projects

The Boy Scout motto will serve you well walking into George Jenne’s fantastically macabre show, “Don’t Look Now,” at Civilian Art Projects. Be prepared for a life-size statue of a boy scout in a furry mask, sticking his tongue out and grunting at you. Upon closer inspection, those patches on his uniform aren’t for learning [...]

Arts Roundup: Grammy Predictions and Martha Stewart Pitches

*Gold Derby is predicting that Taylor Swift will win Best Album at Sunday's Grammy Award ceremony, edging out fellow nominees Beyoncé, Dave Matthews Band, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. Not predicted? Everyone's favorite category: who will show up the biggest drunken mess?
*Despite George Clooney's appearance on every awards show and television commercial lately [...]

Art Basel Miami: It’s the Economy, Stupid

Images from Art Whino's installation
Go to an art event this week and you may notice that the artists, curators and gallery owners you encounter have a sun-kissed glow. They've just returned from Miami's Art Basel, an international art fair where collectors scoop up works by established and up-and-coming artists, curators look for fresh talent, and [...]