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Reviewed: “Mr. Lincoln’s Washington: A Civil War Portfolio” at the National Portrait Gallery

“Mr. Lincoln’s Washington: A Civil War Portfolio” documents the nation’s capital during the Civil War, focusing on the city itself more than its role as the Union’s seat of power. The National Portrait Gallery’s small exhibit offers a colorful look at a nearly primitive city 150 years ago; at the war’s outset, cows grazed on the [...]

Openings: Chuck Close and “The Civil War and American Art”

What's new this weekend in local arts.
Get out and absorb a little art before the countdown to Thanksgiving face-cramming begins. A couple of must-see shows are opening this weekend.
Today at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, an exhibit opens that shows how famous American artists of the time period represented the Civil War and its aftermath. [...]

Reviewed: Mathew Brady’s Union Generals at National Portrait Gallery

The sesquicentennial of the Civil War is bringing a number of thematic exhibits to the National Portrait Gallery; the most recent is a selection of images of Union generals by the most famous photographer of the era, Mathew Brady. The museum has created modern prints from original negatives, all in the petite format known as [...]

Reviewed: Civil War Photographs and Tim Hetherington at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

The Corcoran Gallery of Art is smart to have paired an exhibit of Civil War photographs with images from the war in Afghanistan: The artistic techniques are far more advanced than they were 150 years ago, but the battlefields they depict are timelessly grim. The Civil War collection is more scattershot—the modest-sized survey includes works [...]

Last Day to Visit the NMHM at Walter Reed is April 3

Those interested in exhibits on subjects ranging from medicine during the Civil War to the microscope's evolution should hurry up and head to the Walter Reed Medical Center before April 3, when the exhibits are scheduled to close.
The National Museum of Health and Medicine, currently housed on the Walter Reed campus, is closing its doors [...]

Thursday: The Cartoons of the Civil War at the Newseum

Begin your Civil War sesquicentennial celebration by attending the panel "Political Cartoons of the Civil War and Their Role in Shaping History," sponsored by the National Archives. The War Between the States wasn't all Glory, teary letters from home read in Ken Burns' voiceovers, and valiant battles for a doomed way of life—no, there was [...]