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ToDo ToDay: Silo Halo! Kinky Films! Face-Stuffing!

Night and the City, the noirishly named debut album of D.C.’s Silo Halo, moves through a lot of sonic territory in 30 minutes: gloomy post-punk, damaged troubadour ballads, woozy yet tense dream pop. If anything stands out, it’s “You Don’t Dream,” one of several duets between Christin Durham and Greg Svitil: It’s got a mean [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Tracks, Polanski and Cinekink

A half-century ago and long before he we was a fugitive from the California Attorney General's office and the butt of tired late-night talk show monologues, Roman Polanski was an aspiring filmmaker at Poland's national film and theater academy in Lodz. Clouded by the darker nature of the bulk of his filmography — the horrors [...]