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High-Functioning Punk: Sister Polygon Records is More Than Just an Indie Farm Team.

People start DIY record labels as a way to create something that’s going to last, something people can touch and hold on to.

ToDo ToDay: Black Lips, Dinosaurs, and Tax Day Deals

The Black Lips are weird. Like, really, really weird. But they like it that way. Born in Atlanta, the band cranks out humid, twangy guitar rhythms best described as a cross between psychedelic and garage rock. One part punk-rock concert, one part exhibitionist free-for-fall, an average Black Lips show drips with angst and bodily fluids. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cigarette, Square Dancing, and Dino’s Final Nights

Hushed but hardly timid, local band Cigarette put out one of the area’s best indie-rock records last year: Gush, a seven-song exercise in sneaky tension and patient rhythms. It’s music for a sublimely empty bedroom, but it’s worth talking about, too. Cigarette will be the first guests of District Sounds, a new monthly discussion and concert [...]

Genre Dysphoria: The Best D.C. Music of 2013

With Chuck Brown in his eternal resting place and Ian MacKaye settled down and playing only occasional dates with The Evens, how has D.C. music moved on?
In 2013, the answer was clearer: This is a hip-hop town, at least more than it was before. The area now has three significant hip-hop exports: trap-rap up-and-comer Fat Trel, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Julia Holter! Cigarette! Fringe! (Oh, and Honey Boo Boo)

Now that anyone with a laptop and vocal chords can record a few sad wails and upload them to SoundCloud, the singer-songwriter scene is getting pretty crowded. Yet Julia Holter stands alone in her jagged songwriting style, which oscillates somewhere between plucky and provoked. Tonight, the L.A. native brings her avant-pop experimentation to Sixth & [...]

Arts Roundup: So Long, Lisa Edition

TV columnist Lisa de Moraes to leave the Washington Post. [Politico]
Contemporary Wing's "Mumbo Sauce" exhibit delayed and moved to an alternate space to be announced. [Twitter]
Listen to a stream of the new album from local slo-core ensemble Cigarette. [The Vinyl District]
D.C. Music Download's guide to the best of D.C. at SXSW [D.C. Music Download]

ToDo ToDay: Any Day Now Opens! Night Market at Ulysses Room!

A closeted gay lawyer named Paul (Garret Dillahunt) catches the eye of a star drag queen, Rudy (Alan Cumming) who lives in a West Hollywood slum. What begins as a hook-up quickly turns to love. OK, so Any Day Now starts out feeling pretty clichéd. But its twist is what makes it resonate. Read more [...]

One Track Mind: Teen Liver, “Good For Your Health”

Standout Track: No. 4, “Good For Your Health,” a wobbly basement rocker with a hint of backwoods weirdo vigor. Guitarist and singer Perry Fustero punches out power chords while he rattles off things that do not do a body good, like being paranoid all the time. From there, it gets a little stranger. Brothers John and [...]

ToDo ToDay: Aimee Mann! Dancing Dracula!

In the 27 years since she emancipated herself from her controlling yuppie boyfriend in ’Til Tuesday’s iconic “Voices Carry” video, Aimee Mann has become something of a comedian, appearing as Carrie Browstein’s housekeeper on the first season of Portlandia and turning the video for her latest single, “Labrador,” into a shot-for-shot remake of the one [...]

Arts Roundup: Saint of Gutters Edition

- To promote its showcase Wednesday at Comet Ping Pong, local music blog All Our Noise made a handsome video of Cigaretteperforming in a Shaw garden [All Our Noise]
- Wolf Trap Opera Company Director Kim Witman is traveling, looking for new singers, and she compiled a list of the kinds of stories she hears from people [...]