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ToDo ToDay: Lost Civilizations! The Poker Night!

The D.C. Jazz Fest has begun again, and amid its traditional lineup you might find yourself yearning for something a little more bananas. Look to Lost Civilizations, the super-improvised collaboration between reed player Mike Sebastian and multi-instrumentalist T. A. Zook. Read more >>> Lost Civilizations performs with Sansyou and Cigarbox Planetarium at the Tree House [...]

ToDo ToDay: Refused Are Fucking Undead

Sweden’s Refused is gigging again, 14 years after putting out a record so slept on that Pitchfork neglected to review it in 1998, but handed down a 9.4 rating for its 2010 reissue. The Shape of Punk to Come is what makes a Refused reunion show so exciting: It’s a massively influential work that hasn’t been [...]

Fort Reno Schedule Finally Announced

This summer's Fort Reno concert series kicked off this past Monday night, and the second installment—with BRENDA, Art Sorority for Girls, and Edie Sedgwick—will start this evening at 7 p.m.
But the full schedule wasn't announced until, well, now. It's up. Hallelujah. It's the requisite mix of relative unknowns (Cigarbox Planetarium, East Paw) and local heavy-hitters [...]

Live Friday: Lovvers @ Comet Ping Pong

We'll skip the obvious joke about band titles with double v's and say that indie rock seems to really love its noise these days: Nottingham, England's Lovvers, however, serve up a much more elemental tonic to the brainier stuff we've become used to on this side of the pond. As part of its first U.S. [...]