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The Blueprint Period

Though luxury condos and high-dollar restaurants may be the most obvious signs of investment in Washington, a few D.C. arts venues are getting a much-needed boost, too. Here are a few of them.
Church Street Theater
D.C. company Keegan Theatre’s primary venue in Dupont Circle “was never really properly equipped as a fully functioning theater, at least [...]

Arts Roundup: King of the Congas Edition

More about Keegan Theatre's in-progress space at the Church Street Theatre [D.C. Theatre Scene]
City Paper alum Katherine Boo is a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle award [Post]
A report and photos from the weekend's King of the Congas Battle in Lanham, Md. [Post]
Michael Kaiser defends the ensemble [Huffington Post D.C.]

Basra Boy: Keegan Theatre’s One-Man Northern Irish Punk Rock War Story

Basra Boy is a Belfast play to its core. The one-man production centers on an 18-year-old Belfast punk, who has a dirty mouth, a penchant for trouble, and who debates joining the Royal Army to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was written in dialect, with plenty of Belfast slang. And, needless to say: Its playwright, Rosemary [...]