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Bustin’ Ground: Chuck Brown Park vs. Other Musical Memorials

Chuck Brown’s already gotten a street dedicated to his memory (the 1900 block of 7th Street NW) and soon, another physical landmark will bear his name: Chuck Brown Park formally opens on Aug. 22 at 11 a.m. How does it compare to other public spaces built in honor of local music icons? Check out our [...]

What Went Wrong With the Planned Chuck Brown Memorial?

Langdon Park sits in a residential area in the eastern portion of Ward 5, just south of Rhode Island Avenue NE. Bordered by single-family homes, the vast, barbell-shaped green space is punctuated here and there by a playground, tennis courts, a pool, and a dog park. It’s a placid amenity in one of D.C.’s sleepier [...]

Planned Chuck Brown Amphitheater Scales Back

Saturday morning, Cleveland Park design firm Marshall Moya and the District's Department of General Services unveiled changes to the planned Chuck Brown memorial and amphitheater in Ward 5. The changes were announced at a community meeting at the Washington Center for the Aging.
New renderings show that the design firm has rethought a few aspects of [...]

Chuck Brown Memorial Design Unveiled

The District's planned Chuck Brown memorial just got an upgrade.
This morning at the Wilson Building, Mayor Vince Gray signed into legislation plans to turn a portion of Ward 5's Langdon Park into Chuck Brown Park and finalized a memorial in honor of the late Godfather of Go-Go. But the renderings released today are dramatically different from [...]

Mayor Releases Images of Proposed Chuck Brown Memorial

Today, on what would have been Chuck Brown's 76th birthday, Mayor Vince Gray has deemed Aug. 22 Chuck Brown Day. The mayor has also made public plans for a memorial in honor of the late godfather of go-go, who died May 16.
Gray introduced legislation for a Chuck Brown memorial back in June. In a press release sent [...]