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ToDo ToDay: Nancy and Beth! Beautiful Swimmers! Holly Bass!

People know Megan Mullally can do bawdy humor but it’s her weird, subtle comedy that makes you laugh and say “WTF” at the same time. Her new musical duo, Nancy and Beth, falls into the latter category. Along with actress Stephanie Hunt, the two perform a combination of ’70s folk songs, original compositions, and situational humor [...]

CityDance Finds Its Way Back Onstage

Reveal, this weekend’s show at CityDance, marks two big steps for the dance organization.
First, it’s the grand opening of the group’s new black box theater, an easy-to-operate space where outside artists and budding divas—aka the school’s dance students—can perform. Simultaneously, it’s the inaugural performance of a new company, Christopher K. Morgan & Artists, that’s headed [...]