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Arts Roundup: New Prez in Town Edition

Kennedy Center announces its new president. [Arts Desk]
The new prez is reportedly a "team builder." [Post]
Hank Willis Thomas discusses his new show up at Corcoran, "Question Bridge: Black Males." [Washingtonian]
More delays for the new David Rubenstein gallery at National Archives. [Post]
No Rules Theatre Company announces its new season. [D.C. Theatre Scene]
Queer-friendly dance party She Rex [...]

The Sleigher: Hunting Down Holiday Music

A Very Rosie Christmas!
Rosie Thomas
What it is: Seattle singer puts Sufjan Stevens–esque spin on Sarah McLachlan’s stellar Wintersong, with lots of horns and breathy, sometimes cloying, sometimes very nice vocals.
The bike under the tree: “Christmas Don’t Be Late,” the Alvin and the Chipmunks classic reimagined as a 6:40 ballad. Thomas imbues the previously chirpy song [...]