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Arts Roundup: When Footballers Were Men Edition

Morning, readers. Summer unofficially commences this weekend, and the weather's corresponding. Let's take a look at what's going on in the world of A&E.
Were you a soccer fan in the '90s, before David Beckham metro-fied the sport and there was nary a difference between the players on the field and the hooligans in the stands, [...]

Clip Job: Five Second Acts for Riot Grrrl Veterans

Partyline (2005-present): Fascination with the riot grrrl movement burned brightly and briefly, but the members of Bratmobile—which formed in 1991—kept making music, on and off, until 2002. Sort-of based in D.C., Partyline isn't the first other project for singer Allison Wolfe, but it's had the most staying power. The band's name sort of reminds me [...]