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Arts Roundup: Bones Edition

National Mall bone display draws attention to global genocide. [Post]
Exorcist author says Georgetown University doesn't deserve to call itself Catholic. [Huffington Post]
Malmaison has been hosting concerts and parties for months, and this month it's finally opening. [Washingtonian]
Fort Knox cartoon strip comes to the Washington Post. [Comic Riffs]
The Post reviews the debut novel of D.C. novelist Elliott [...]

This Weekend at Fringe: Our Picks

It's not technically the weekend, but tonight Ann Willemssen emphatically recommends Elephant, a performance art/dance piece featuring naked young women and audience engagement. None of that 'See it if,' 'Skip it if' stuff. Willemssen writes simply: "You should see it," and "Don't skip it."
Catch '40s-era dames and gents singing in Handbook for Hosts, on [...]

Fringe and Purge 2010 is Up!

Good news, all you Capital Fringe devotees: Fringe 2010 is officially upon us.
Fringe editor Chris Klimek christened the Fringe and Purge blog today with its first post since the conclusion of last year's festival.  He shares the deets of last night's press preview at Fort Fringe, discussing each of the 16 acts that took the [...]

Why Chris Klimek Isn’t Peeved at CP for Accidentally Giving His Byline to Glen Weldon

That's me there on the left, obviously pretty chipper about being in the company of Glen Weldon—short story writer, critic, and sequential-art blogger nonpareil; unchallenged 36th-chamber master of the Koyaanisqatsi joke and occasional collaborator; Aquaman biographer and autobiographer; boob-window watcher; faithful drinking buddy, sounding board, pal-for-life.
This snapshot is not quite a year old. I [...]