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Reviewed: Rush

In Ron Howard’s Rush, Chris Hemsworth is the charismatic feel-gooder who, with his shining eyes and swoony smile, will fill the seats playing 1970s British Formula 1 racing legend James Hunt. The lesser-known Daniel Brühl, as Hunt’s Austrian rival/frenemy Niki Lauda, goes head-to-head, both fictionally and professionally, with the actor best known to audiences as [...]

The Terrible Red Dawn, Reviewed

Not even Thor can save the tedious amateur hour (plus) that is Red Dawn, an unnecessary remake (is that redundant?) of a pretty awful 1984 Patrick Swayze/Charlie Sheen vehicle about a group of teens fighting the Commies when the world goes to shit. This time, Chris Hemsworth is the star, North Korea is the enemy, [...]

Reviewed: Snow White and the Huntsman

You’ll require the kiss of a prince to awaken you from the slumber induced by Snow White and the Huntsman, a dark but at times torturously dull retelling of the classic fairy tale. Though no one wanted a repeat of Mirror Mirror, the sillier Snow White film from earlier this year, Huntsman director Rupert Sanders [...]

Reviewed: Thor

Chris Hemsworth takes all of five seconds to impress you in Thor. About to be crowned king in his ancient realm of Asgard, Thor looks up at his mother and gives a wink and a brilliant smile—and it's clear that this Thunder God is quite used to leaving others thunderstruck.
It's no different when his father, [...]