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The Breaks: This Week in DMV Hip-Hop

This week, the Breaks places a few leftover projects from Nike Nando and Chris Barz in the spotlight. Plus, all the kids should be excited because Young Thug is in town tomorrow night—finally.
The Return of Chris Barz
After an extended hiatus, P.G. County’s Chris Barz is putting out music again, releasing his Goddess project earlier this [...]

DMV Beats: McNugget Raps, Cocaine Ready, Homeboy Sandman, Chris Barz, and Marcus D.

The McNugget as a Trope
Last week we gave a shout out to Chi Chi Monet, the 9-year-old girl who, while rapping about childhood obesity, made a reference to giving up Big Macs because of their caloric content. I questioned whether any 9-year-old would actually choose a Big Mac over McNuggets; one of my City Paper [...]