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Arts Roundup: Hoodie Edition

Should the Smithsonian acquire Trayvon Martin's hoodie? [DCist]
Ron Charles has not 99 problems, and they're all books. [Post]
No Chompie on the Discovery Building this year. [DCist]
Austin Chronicle's Mike Kanin quotes the Post's Chris Richards in his piece about Austin, Texas' depreciating cultural capital. [Austin Chronicle]

Arts Roundup: Chompie Edition

The Smithsonian unleashes a visitor's guide app. [Around the Mall]
Doug Aitken's design for a pavilion at the Tate Liverpool museum looks an awful lot like "Song1" at the Hirshhorn [Architect]
Michael Kaiser: How arts organizations can persuade their board members to hit their friends up for money [Huffington Post D.C.]
More photos of the Pussy [...]

Arts Roundup: Lavender and Cats! Edition

Even better than the line about bidets in Sally Quinn's remembrance of her friend Nora Ephron is this: "Lavender and cats! I had never liked either one — who knew they were going to be the next hot things?" [Post]
The only thing worse is Air Sex. [Brightest Young Things]
Chompie is back! [DCist]
Reviews of the National [...]

Silver Spring Blogger: I Named Him “Chompy” First!

Our attempt to explain the reasons behind the absence of Discovery Communications' mascot for Shark Week the other day struck a nerve with a Silver Spring-based blogger who claims that Discovery is misspelling the name of the giant inflatable shark it sometimes—but not this year—affixes to its headquarters.
Though official Discovery releases for Shark Week 2010 [...]

Chompie’s Absence, Explained

Per Tracy Morgan's advice, one should live every week like it's Shark Week. Well, this week is Shark Week, Discovery's annual tribute to those predators of the salty deep. While programming hours will be filled with fare like Shark City, Jaws Comes Home, and Great White Invasion, one of Shark Week's more local touches is [...]