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Listen: Beautiful Swimmers Chilling on New Balance

If a Beautiful Swimmers track doesn't make you knowingly chuckle at least once, then you might not be paying attention. There's the joyful dance-floor laugh, like, "This track is nicely '80s damaged and I am maxing to its 4/4 beat," and then there's the gratified music-nerd laugh, like, "This track is constructed by dudes who [...]

A Brief Note in Advance of EPMD’s Performance at Liv

On this oh-so-cold day, I note that old-school hip-hop literalism may have reached its apotheosis with EPMD's "You Gots to Chill," a 1988 video that featured a leitmotif of actual cold things, just in case all those Yo! MTV Raps viewers thought "chill" was one of those hip-hop slang words that meant something different than [...]