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Local Animator Hannah Benbow Drew a Cartoon Cat for Every Day of 2014

And she's kind of ready to be done.

Illustrator Brian Biggs on Writer’s Block Remedies, Paying the Bills, and the Future of Publishing

"If books go away in favor of digital formats, will I still be able to find an audience and make a living?"

Illustrator Bob Staake on Dark Humor, New Yorker Covers, and Analog Art in a Digital World

"I don't like the term cartoonist at all, because I just don't think I am one at all."

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Alexa Polito

Alexa Polito set up in the lobby of this year's AnimeUSA con in Woodley Park. She sold me a copy of her mini-comic Rough Sex Vol. 1: A NSFW Sketchbook and answered our usual questions after the show.
Washington City Paper: What type of artwork do you do?
Alexa Polito: I do character illustration, focusing on cool [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Marty Baumann

Marty Baumann is a cartoonist who works in a variety of media—he's done a comic book story, The Crater Kid, that appeared in the back of Steve Conley's Astounding Space Thrills comic; children's books such as Old Pard The Last Singing Cowboy; and the hilarious movie poster parodies in Posterama! Coming Attractions That Never Arrived. His [...]

Comics Creators at the 2010 National Book Festival

This weekend the Library of Congress hosts the 10th National Book Festival. Yes, that does mean it was started in the Bush administration, by Mrs. Bush no less. This year there are four guests with cartoons in their careers. The festival takes place Saturday on the  Mall  between 3rd and 7th streets.
One is Jeff Smith, [...]

International Ink: Demo, Smile, and Moving Pictures

Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan's Demo Nos. 1-4 (DC Comics/Vertigo, $2.99 each) feature short stories with an O. Henry or M. Night Shaylaman-type twist. The series first came out though a small press several years ago, but since then the two have broken into the big time. They are now working with one of [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson’s worked at Big Planet Comics Bethesda for a long time, but he's also an artist.  He’s had gallery shows of his paintings in Baltimore, does spot illustration on demand, and has done children’s books in a very interesting scratchboard style. Recently he began creating in the comics field, although his new works won’t [...]