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chickfactor’s Anniversary Shows at Artisphere: What We Learned

As promised, everyone partied like it was 1992 Friday and Saturday night at Artisphere for the 20th anniversary of chickfactor, the indie-pop zine founded in D.C.—in fact, by Washington City Paper staffers—back when indie didn't connote NPR adoration and Billboard placements. Erica Bruce took some pictures. And this is what we learned.
Between most songs in [...]

For Ex-Zinesters Only: on chickfactor’s Influence in the Digital Age

Let’s get this elephant-sized full disclosure out of the way: Our story begins in the office of Washington City Paper. Actually, it begins on the floor of the office of Washington City Paper.
“Pam [Berry] and I would come into the office at 8 in the morning on weekends when no one else was working, and we’d [...]

Listen: Black Tambourine, Covering the Ramones, Remixed Into Sonic Goo!

Over the next few days, you will find no shortage of blog posts dealing with this weekend's chickfactor anniversary shows at Artisphere, which feature the first performance in more than 20 years by influential, noisy poppers Black Tambourine. (Yes, yes, disclosure: One of them works here.) Back in February, the group announced it had recorded an [...]

Black Tambourine to Record EP of Ramones Songs

Go nuts, indie-poppers. The venerable Black Tambourine has a multi-purpose Kickstarter project going right now; part of the desired $5,000, if raised, will go to recording the OneTwoThreeFour EP, "consisting of four of our fave Ramones songs on two slabs of lovely seven-inch vinyl, packaged in a lovely sleeve designed by the talented [...]

Black Tambourine Is Reuniting in April

Great reunion news that is better than all the other reunion news: Black Tambourine, the beloved D.C. noise-pop group, is reuniting this April for a pair of shows celebrating the 20th anniversary of chickfactor magazine, the very cool publication that (ahem) was founded by two former WCP staffers, Gail O'Hara and Black Tambourine singer Pam Berry. [...]

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm: 20 Slumberland Memories, Part 1

Few independent record labels make it to 20 years, and even fewer can claim the influence of Slumberland. Founded in 1989 by members of Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl, Whorl, and Powderburns, the label blended noise rock and shoegaze with melodic, underground guitar pop, laying the brickwork for what's proved to be an enduring indie-pop aesthetic. Slumberland was [...]