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ToDo ToDay: Washington Jewish Film Festival, Hopsin, and a New Rosslyn Alehouse

The Washington Jewish Film Festival opens tonight with two showings of Avi Nesher’s The Wonders. No, it bears no connection to The Wonders in That Thing You Do, but Nesher’s modern-day film noir still seems captivating: It follows a Jerusalem bartender who finds himself entangled in a mystery in his apartment building that lands him deep in [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ben Lerner! Lost Rhino Beer Dinner! French Montana!

The setup for Ben Lerner’s debut novel, 2011’s Leaving the Atocha Station, and the acclaim that followed it might persuade you that the publishing industry remains stubbornly dysfunctional. Its hero, Adam, is a bright young poet from the Midwest on a fellowship in Madrid, and the plot focuses on little more than him pondering his lassitude. [...]