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The Hidden Lives of Classic Movie Stars: A Primer for AFI Silver’s Leading Ladies Series

Karina Longworth, of the podcast You Must Remember This, on the secrets of Marlene Dietrich and when Meryl Streep began to embrace her own feminism

Vitamin A: Avery Lawrence’s “Arranging Suitcases”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery.
“Arranging Suitcases” is the latest video from Avery Lawrence, who won some acclaim during the (e)merge art fair for “Moving a Tree,” an absurd video about a man in a suit who fells a tree [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: DJ Stereo Faith, Scott Pilgrim, Badio

Chris Heller leads this week's arts section with a look at a U Street Music Hall benefit for DJ Stereo Faith, a mainstay of the city's DJ scene who is going under the knife tomorrow to remove a tumor from his auditory canal. Andrew Noz talks to Woodbridge, Va.-raised rapper Badio about his recent collaboration [...]

Oscar Acceptance Speeches, Discussed

In which the author comments on the subtle joy born of watching Oscar acceptance speeches of years-gone-by.
Maybe it's the swelling strings. Maybe it's some instinctual fellow-feeling. Maybe it's the reflected glow cast when someone else achieves a dream, even if —especially if—that dream is a dream you don't share, or the person achieving it is, [...]