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A Response to the Wall Street Journal‘s Defense of Traditional Shakespeare

A Shakespeare production featuring women? What is this, amateur hour?!

Arts Roundup: Channing Tatum Edition

Apparently, artists live here. [Post]
Channing Tatum—whom Arch Campbell oddly describes as a former "male dancer," though I think he means ex-stripper—comes to K Street with Jamie Foxx. [WJLA]
Ian Svenonius drops wisdom. [The Quietus]
DCist Exposed is now year-round. [Borderstan]
Chris Richards shows some love to D.C. punk band Priests. [Post]

Steven Soderbergh on Getting Male Strippers Right in Magic Mike

Steven Soderbergh knows what women want—and what dudes don't. His latest feature, Magic Mike, is an, ahem, intimate look at the world of male strippers. Obviously, the very subject potentially alienates a large segment of the population. Obviously, this is not what a director aims for.
And yet: “I think it’s not for men,” Soderbergh admits [...]