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Beauty Pill’s Immersive Ideal: Near Misses

It's Thursday, and Beauty Pill is working on "Near Miss Stories"—the band's only song that addresses the illness that nearly killed frontman Chad Clark in 2007 and 2008. "You’re in a desperate situation," says Clark, explaining the lyrics. "You’re in a shipwreck, you’re out at sea, holding onto a piece of wood. You’re at the [...]

Beauty Pill Addendum: Download “Ann the Word”

Beauty Pill's Chad Clark likes to say that "Ann the Word" changed his life. The song, a haunting and cinematic demo the band posted to its MySpace in 2006, was a sharp left turn from the band's earlier material—and Clark says the positive response to "Ann the Word" has influenced the band's direction since. You'll [...]

Beauty Pill Will Finish an Album In Public, but What Exactly Is It Finishing?

The news is out today that Beauty Pill, the longstanding D.C. indie rock band, will finish its new album next month—in public. As reported by Click Track this morning, from July 16 to August 2 the band is taking over the Black Box Theatre in Rosslyn's Artisphere, where each day from noon to 10 p.m. the band will [...]

Taffety Punk Goes, Well, Punk

Staying true to their name, local theater troupe Taffety Punk is debuting some exclusive tunes from Dischord vet Ryan Nelson. Nelson, who previously played with Most Secret Method and Beauty Pill, works for Dischord and—according to Taffety Punk's website—provided the ambitious company with unreleased tunes from his bands Soccer Team and Routineers to use in [...]

Memory Machine: Was Dismemberment Plan the Internet’s First Buzz Band?

Brian Schanck was 15 years old when a friend played him Emergency & I, the third album by The Dismemberment Plan. “The music was euphonious and the lyrics hit home,” he says, recalling the D.C. indie rock band’s oddball pairing of funk rhythms and emo narrative. He dug it.
When Schanck turned 18, he tattooed the [...]

“There Is Only One Morgan Klein”

Chad Clark, the core of Beauty Pill and a general all-around D.C. music dude, posted this today on his Soundcloud page:
My friend Morgan Klein is a brilliant kook. Check it out.
In the deluxe CD reissue of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," there are some extra tracks appended. These are making-of interviews with Quincy [...]

Arts Roundup: The Friday Indie Rock Review Edition

Good morning! In what's totally a break from our usual coverage, there is a lot of local indie-rock news to discuss today! Such as: that new video right there. It's for "Siberian Eclipse," a song on Screen Vinyl Image's recent cassette on Fan Death records, which I think you should be excited about. It's out [...]

John Davis Performs John Davis at Story/Stereo Season-Opener

The Writer's Center's Story/Stereo series, our favorite free live-music program not set in the summer months, will begin its second season Sept. 3 with a performance from John Davis, the former Q and Not U and Georgie James member and current Title Tracks leader. And he'll be playing songs from all three groups. It's the [...]

Story/Stereo Nabs NEA Grant in Time for Its Second Season

Since its debut last September, Story/Stereo has hosted unlikely combinations of poets, authors, and musicians—from jazz poet Brian Gilmore to post-punk legend J. Robbins (Jawbox, Office of Future Plans)—and it's all been entirely free. It all takes place just outside the District at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, which curates the literature portion of the [...]

Arts Roundup: Ordinary Life Is Pretty Complex Stuff Edition

Good morning!
Tuli Kupferberg, poet, co-founder of the Fugs, is dead. Harvey Pekar, grouch, legend of American indie comic books, is dead. If you belonged to a certain Greenwich Village milieu in the '60s and were an utter sad sack in the '70s, you can't be doing too well right now. I doubt the city of [...]