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Reviewed: “Raising Dust” at Carroll Square Gallery

“Raising Dust” at the Carroll Square Gallery spotlights five artists whose works incorporate clay, but none of the five artists—Akemi Maegawa, Melissa Mytty, Matthew Alden Price, Matt Ziemke, and Margaret Boozer—is content to simply turn clay into pottery. For each of them, clay or dirt is a starting point, not an end in itself.
Price turns acrylic, [...]

Preview: “MAKIYKUMANTA-Peru” Festival

There are ways, it turns out, to travel to ancient South America without owning a time machine. The "MAKIYKUMANTA-Peru: Arts and Cultural Legacy Festival" is a weeklong celebration of traditional Peruvian culture. It includes a variety of activities for time travelers of all ages.
Learn how to dance from Inca Son, take [...]