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Dismemberment Plan’s Travis Morrison Has a New Band, and It’s Playing a D.C. DIY Show

How weirdly rewarding has this year been for Dismemberment Plan fans? The once-defunct-now-reformed indie-rockers continued their 2011 reunion, unveiling new material and making progress on recording a new album, their first since 2001's Change. And in the spring, fledgling local label Bad Friend Records released a 7-inch of previously unreleased songs by frontman Travis Morrison's [...]

Why Cataract Camp Finally Released Its Travis Morrison-Produced Album

Cataract Camp’s debut album is some of the most hyperactive rock D.C. has heard in some time—sort of like Black Eyes taking on the skewed pop songs of The Dismemberment Plan at a college house party. But Sing Rain doesn't mark the revival of D.C. spazz rock but perhaps the last gasp of it. Cataract [...]