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ToDo ToDay: The Apple Family Plays, Cat Power, and $5 Sandwiches

Shouty political conversations don’t seem like the foundation of an exciting night at the theater. Yet Richard Nelson’s Apple Family Plays humanizes the talking heads. The four-play series chronicles the lives of members of the Apple family of Rhinebeck, N.Y., during some crucial recent political events. Director Serge Seiden has collected a variety of D.C. regulars to play [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cold Cave! Cat Power!

Post-punk wouldn’t be post-punk without a certain level of resentment between murky waves of synth-heavy swells.  Philadelphia’s Cold Cave recently released a 7-inch titled “Black Boots,” but tonight, expect to hear older favorites and earworm throttlers from its last studio effort from 2011, Cherish the Light Years. Twinkling synth lines and drum machines punctuate the band’s [...]

Photos: Cat Power at 9:30 Club

An ethereal voice isn't necessarily a powerful one, but that's never been the case with Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power. Taking the 9:30 Club stage last night in support of Sun, her first release in six years, Marshall showed that her voice is as strong as ever. Backed by tremendous visual displays, a three-piece band, and very [...]

The Playlist: Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City is one of the best books of the year. So sayeth me; so sayeth the sage critterpoos at the New York Times, who include Lethem's eighth novel in their holiday gift guide. (Speaking of guides, check out ours!) While a good friend of mine alleges that Chronic City, which is about [...]

Latest Casualty of the Recession: Joanna Newsom’s “Sprout and the Bean”

Solvent dignity is an unfortunate casualty of these hard knock economic times. This became pointedly obvious to me after a tiff (just short of scene-making) with an equally cash-strapped barista who overcharged me 25 cents–that's for bus fare, ma'am! So who can blame musicians like Cat Power and now Joanna Newsom for licensing tunes to [...]

The Weekend’s Must-See Music Acts: Deleted Scenes, DJ Decibelle, and Cat Power


Caverns, Deleted Scenes, Hammer No More The Fingers, Acedia. Rock and Roll Hotel. $10. All ages.
Sweet Interference CD Release Party, Carousel Rogues, Earth Note Syndicate. The Red & The Black. $8. +21.
Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Joan Jones. 9:30 club. $25. All ages.
Lonely Hearts Club with DJ Decibelle, DJ Jackie O. and AK Slaughter [...]