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Latristic Still Needs Your Money, and Has Therefore Covered Mos Def

We reported not long ago that D.C.'s Latristic—which used to be called Casper Bangs—is trying to Kickstart the recording, mixing, and mastering of its upcoming full-length. The band is more than $1,000 short of its $3,000 goal, and today it emailed out one last call for donations. And it added a final aural argument: a [...]

Casper Bangs Moves On, Becomes Latristic

The budding love, painful breakup, and misty-eyed regrets of indie rocker Rob Pierangeli, formerly known as Casper Bangs, are well-documented on the Internet.
In 2009, Pierangeli was in love—dangerously in love, like Beyonce. He named his band after his then-girlfriend, whose last name is Bangs. Then he wrote some songs about her—giving one of them her [...]

Arts Roundup: The Friday Indie Rock Review Edition

Good morning! In what's totally a break from our usual coverage, there is a lot of local indie-rock news to discuss today! Such as: that new video right there. It's for "Siberian Eclipse," a song on Screen Vinyl Image's recent cassette on Fan Death records, which I think you should be excited about. It's out [...]

Free Download: Midnight Kids’ Debut EP

Whether the title is a statement of unambition or just something cool-sounding, Midnight Kids' Basement Dreams leaves few doubts about the D.C. band's M.O. The group features three members of disbanded local faves the Apes, and contains many of their signifiers: Mean, muscular riffage, swirling organ powered by black magic,  lyrics forged in the crucible [...]

Local #MusicMonday: New Songs from Casper Bangs, D.C. Don Juan

End your Monday with music from two guys who probably look at themselves in the mirror a lot: Well-dressed indie-popper Casper Bangs, and D.C. Don Juan, whom you probably know through his ode to self-love, "Lookie Looky."
Casper Bangs, the latest project of the Hard Tomorrows' Rob Pierangeli, dropped a new Spirit Animal remix of "Always [...]

Sins of Admission: Why It’s a Problem When a Club Asks, “Who Are You Here to See?”

For a moment, on the first night he worked the door at the Velvet Lounge, Andrew Bucket thought he was staring death in the face. Her name was Allison Wolfe.
"I was excited to meet her, let alone work the show at all," he says of the Partyline singer, who helped found the riot-grrrl movement in [...]

Local Vinyl Round-Up

A round-up of recently released vinyl records by D.C.-based labels and bands
Mingering Mike & The Big D: "There's Nothing Wrong With You Baby Pts. 1&2"
The first ever vinyl release from enigmatic D.C. soul musician/artist Mingering Mike. Originally put to tape by Mike and his cousin, Big D, in a bedroom, "There's Nothing Wrong With You [...]

’10 Will Get You 8: D.C. Musical Acts You Can Bet On

Hays and Ryan Holladay's latest electro-indie-pop project is Bluebrain, whose debut album drops next month.
The 2000s saw a strange reversal in the District’s music: The pulse of its indie rock became barely perceptible while its rap scene began to emerge from go-go’s shadow. As for the new decade, we’ve already loved one record, rapper X.O.’s [...]

Video: Casper Bangs “Skylark”

Skylark from Casper Bangs on Vimeo.

Video: Casper Bangs’ “Queen Of Hearts”

Indie poppers Casper Bangs play Friday at the Rock & Roll Hotel with Army of Me and Ugly Purple Sweater.