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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Nick Galifianakis

Nick Galifianakis began editorial cartooning for USA Today in 1992. Following that, he worked with then-wife Carolyn Hax to create the advice column ‘Tell Me About It" (now simply “Carolyn Hax”) in 1997 for The Washington Post. The column and cartoon are now syndicated. An exhibit of his cartoon prints is currently on display in [...]

Reviewed: Krazy & Ignatz in Tiger Tea by George Herriman

Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson thought that George Herriman’s work was peerless. “Krazy Kat is a completely unique strip,” Watterson told Honk magazine. “I think it’s the best comic strip ever drawn…I marvel at it because it’s beyond duplication. It’s like trying to paint a sunrise—you’re better off not even trying.” Watterson even paid [...]

Comics Creators at the 2010 National Book Festival

This weekend the Library of Congress hosts the 10th National Book Festival. Yes, that does mean it was started in the Bush administration, by Mrs. Bush no less. This year there are four guests with cartoons in their careers. The festival takes place Saturday on the  Mall  between 3rd and 7th streets.
One is Jeff Smith, [...]

Comics and Stamps Have a Longer History than You’d Expect

The U.S. Postal Service has just issued another set of comics-related stamps. Stamp collecting is an old hobby, and one that's perhaps faded somewhat, but comics and stamps have a longer history than you'd expect. The 'Sunday Funnies' series includes Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, Garfield, and Dennis the Menace. Archie's best [...]

This Saturday – “Graphic Content: A Conversation with Five DC Area Graphic Storytellers”

This weekend you can meet local cartoonists at a free program at the DC Public Library.  Shannon "G.I. Joe" Gallant, Matt "Politico" Wuerker, Andrew "Trickster" Cohen, Evan "DC Conspiracy" Keeling and Ben "Dirtfarm" Classen will be speaking on creating various types of comics. The panel will be moderated by me, your Washington City [...]

Cheniers’ Debut 7-Inch Has Art by David Berman

It's been over a year since David Berman—the slacker-poet with the drawled baritone whose band Silver Jews made some of the best, strangest, and least assuming indie rock of the last two decades—announced he was done making music. Which was and is a bummer. But it's not the subject of this post.
See, for at least [...]

International Ink: Hagar, Nemi, Little Nothings, and Lenore

A regular roundup of international comic-book collections.
Years ago Elvis Costello asked: “What’s so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?” It's not hard to imagine cartoonist Dik Browne pondering that question, coming up with "nothing," and creating the fun-loving Viking pillager Hagar the Horrible. “[Hagar] is a Viking and God knows he is a barbarian, but he [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Chris Flick

I don't keep up with Web comics very well, so I didn't know about Chris Flick and his strip Capes & Babes, but when I saw him selling his book collection at a local convention before Christmas, I bought two. One for me of course, and one as a Christmas gift for another comics fan. [...]