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Carolyn Malachi Drops Summery New Single

Released last September, Carolyn Malachi's "Beautiful Dreamer" was a wistful ode to dream-chasing, with a jazzy Afro-Caribbean rhythm bolstered by soft piano keys and rolling bass. If nothing else, the song was a suitable follow-up to the buzz she received for her Grammy-nominated single, "Orion."
Released today, Malachi's "Free Your Mind" is the polar opposite of "Dreamer": It's [...]

Carolyn Malachi Gets Dreamy on Her New Single

With all that she's achieved this past year, one would understand if Carolyn Malachi had gone full-blown diva. Her song "Orion," a romantic love story between an astronaut and a mermaid, was nominated for a Grammy last year in the now-defunct Best Urban/Alternative Performance category.
As a result of the nomination, Malachi embarked upon a media blitz, [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 38

To clarify, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is not "what Washingtonians are talking about," nor is it "what Washingtonians should be talking about." No, this weekly assemblage is "what some Washingtonians are talking about." Because, really, who wants to talk about what everybody else is talking about?

"Who needs a talk-back at show’s end when the [...]

Gil Scott-Heron Recorded Here

In the early 1980s, poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron made the D.C. region a home away from home. In spring 1981, he visited Bias Studios in Springfield, Va., to record songs for his Reflections album. Less than a year later, Scott-Heron returned to the quaint studio and laid down tracks for his thoughtful Moving Target LP, which [...]

A Slimmer Grammy Awards Means a Tougher Time for D.C. Artists

The Grammy Awards just shed more than 30 categories, following a year in which it handed out 109 statues. And the requirements for a category to be awarded at all are now tougher. You can read all about it on the awards show's site.
As a music consumer, I don't find the Grammys especially relevant, [...]

Prize Fight: Want a Grammy? Join the Club. Literally.

As of press time, Carolyn Malachi had 1,365 followers on Twitter. Two hundred and six people had liked her artist page on Facebook. When she put out her Lions, Fires & Squares EP in August, the most notable piece of American press was a One Track Mind column in Washington City Paper. That release’s best song, [...]

Music in Review: The Best Local Songs of 2010, According to Fischer

Here's my most tragic music story of 2010: My external harddrive, containing a huge chunk of my music collection, died a few weeks ago, or so it seems. So it's possible I'm omitting a song or two from this list of my favorite local songs of the year. That's my story and I'm sticking to [...]

Arts Roundup: This Is for Not Taking Me to the Mount Eerie Show! Edition

Good morning! Check back later in the roundup for the heavy stuff. Here's some local music endorsements:

Carolyn Malachi, subject of this week's One Track Mind, isn't the only artist I can think of who combines forward-thinking soul with an apparent love for cyberpunk (or at least sci-fi). I don't know if she's the next Janelle Monae, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Hellish Kalorama of Donald Rumsfeld, Carolyn Malachi’s Mermaid Anthem, Cat’s Cradle

This week, Nevin Martell leads the section with "The Devil in Kalorama," for which he toured the well-heeled neighborhood with noted photographer John Gossage—who after realizing he lived near Donald Rumsfeld decided that Kalorama was, in fact, hell. For One Track Mind, Erin Petty talks to Carolyn Malachi about her relationship anthem "Orion," in which a [...]