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ToDo ToDay: Awesome Con, Carolyn Malachi, and Easter Celebrations

An awesome fan-fiction mashup could gather all your favorite characters in one world, but only an awesome convention can attempt to replicate that in real life. If you’re the type to spin long and complicated yarns about fictional people, you might as well hoof it to D.C.’s Awesome Con to meet the humans who play [...]

Listen: Bop Alloy, Another Day in the Life Of…

You don't "turn up" so much as you get older. You're still lively, but going out, buying overpriced drinks, and listening to the same ol' "oontz oontz" just isn't that fun.
Or maybe you still love hip-hop, but you've got kids now, so you can't blast Ol' Dirty Bastard en route to Little League soccer. You need [...]

Genre Dysphoria: The Best D.C. Music of 2013

With Chuck Brown in his eternal resting place and Ian MacKaye settled down and playing only occasional dates with The Evens, how has D.C. music moved on?
In 2013, the answer was clearer: This is a hip-hop town, at least more than it was before. The area now has three significant hip-hop exports: trap-rap up-and-comer Fat Trel, [...]

Carolyn Malachi’s Gold, Reviewed

Carolyn Malachi relishes the chase, whether she's pursuing dreams, love, success, or inner peace. But she seems to want those things for you, too. "I believe in you! You can do anything!" Malachi wails near the end of "Beautiful Dreamer," an inspirational standout from Gold, her ambitious new album. Malachi's affirmations can sprinkle a little [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cecily Strong! Teething Veils! Carolyn Malachi!

Rookies tend to fade into the background on Saturday Night Live. But Cecily Strong broke out playing the Weekend Update panelist "The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party." Her slurred speech, Smartphone-checking, and condescending yet uninformed moralisms ape the behavior of a well-intentioned George Washington University freshman after a few [...]

Listen: D.C.’s Summer Jams

Look, summer jams are a thing. A stupid thing, maybe; a "bullshit media construct," as Esquire (rightly) put it last year. But summer is also a construct. It’s a state of mind—a drunken one fed by U Street Tacos and lowbrow bangers. People do dumb things in the summer, like wear brown flip-flops and set [...]

Listen: Carolyn Malachi, “All Right”

On "Orion," perhaps Carolyn Malachi's biggest song to date, the singer wove a story about a complicated romance between a mermaid and an astronaut. The unusual premise helped earn her a Grammy nomination in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category.
But since then, Malachi's music has been closer to Earth: The inspirational "Beautiful Dreamer" pushed listeners to aim [...]

Watch: Carolyn Malachi’s Video for “Free Your Mind”

Here's what we know about D.C. singer Carolyn Malachi: She loves to attach her music to a good cause. In her 2011 video for "Beautiful Dreamer," the statuesque D.C. native consoled a young bully victim. This summer, Malachi headlined a local benefit show to aid independent artists in developing countries.
Out this week, Malachi's video for her bright, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Carolyn Malachi, The Olympics

D.C. singer Carolyn Malachi has made long strides in a relatively short time. Her debut album, Revenge of the Smart Chicks, was self-released in 2008; by 2010, her song “Orion,” which detailed a complicated romance between a mermaid and astronaut, was nominated for a Grammy. Tonight, Malachi headlines a benefit show tonight to aid independent artists [...]

Tomorrow: D.C. Artists Pay Tribute to Dilla

Detroit producer James "J-Dilla" Yancey represented many things for fans of underground hip-hop. Still today, the gifted beatsmith's use of bombastic drums can make your head nod 'til your neck breaks.
Crate-diggers love Dilla because he could take a oft-sampled beat and flip it in a new way. By the time you heard his version of [...]