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This Week in WCP Arts: Bruise Cruise, Fraser Gallery, Gauguin

This week, I've got the cover story with a freewheeling tale of indie rock on the high seas: In "A Supposedly Punk Thing I'll Never Do Again," I recount what, exactly, I learned on the Bruise Cruise. Bonus: a Bruise Cruise photo gallery from Darrow Montgomery.
Kriston Capps and Louis Jacobson lead the arts section with [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 15

D.C.'s cultural chasm certainly was not devoid of noise this week. But the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang does not necessarily care about the loudest noises. Whispers, farts, thuds, hisses, barks, kisses, moans—it all matters.

“SELF’s message that small steps can add up to major change really resonates with the power base here in D.C.”
"I [...]

Arts Roundup: Fires in Bellies Edition

Good morning! About 100 people protested last night outside the National Portrait Gallery, where (as reported on Arts Desk), artist Adrian Parsons projected a four-minute David Wojnarowicz's 1987 video artwork A Fire in My Belly—which the Smithsonian removed earlier this week. WaPo's Jessica Dawson and TBD's Maura Judkis were both there and brought photographers. So was City Paper's Kriston [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Zombies, the Smithsonian’s Art Cowardice, Black Swan

Kris Coronado leads off this week's arts section with her chronicle of a local actor's efforts to bring the zombie flick Night of the Living Dead to the stage. With songs. And sans zombies. Kriston Capps, stepping back a little from the controversy currently unfolding over the Smithsonian's removal of a piece of video art, [...]

Download a Single from Carol Bui’s Red Ship

Fine, so she lives in the wrong Washington now. New Pacific Northwesterner Carol Bui spent years in D.C. and recorded her upcoming album, Red Ship, at Inner Ear in Arlington with a host of local musicians. Now she's released the first song from that album, "Mira: You're Free With Me."
It takes the soaring, aggressive emotiveness [...]

The Exit Interview: Carol Bui

Here are some of the things Carol Bui got into between releasing her last album, 2007's harrowing and cathartic Everyone Wore White, and recording her new project, which doesn't yet have a name, and which she hopes to release in 2011: Bellydancing. Drumming. Dogs. And, academically speaking, the culture of sex work. So understandably, she [...]

Shudder to Tweet

Tabi Bonney:
-My fathers advice to me before I head out to Cali in the morn = "talk alot" Thanks dad, where would I be without you. LOL
-Got alot done so far & now I'm about to take a nap and dream about my pop life in 2010.
KingPen Slim
-DMV popping so hard these next two weeks, [...]

Shudder to Tweet

Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.
Casper Bangs
-is listening to his new slim harpo record.
-Check out these two new songs: You can hear them live at the two upcoming shows in DC and BKLYN.
The Dance Party
-Chillin with Bauhaus. We're so post punk.
-Playing The Rumble at Three Clubs in LA tomorrow. [...]

Shudder to Tweet

–pancakes + hummus, sink or swim? let's go.
–Apparently my big Asian head is stenciled on trash cans up and down U Street. Foreshadowing?
Laura Burhenn:
–wish I'd never discovered toaster oven smores. now I'll eat 'em all the time... also, the windmill movie was incredible. highly recommended.
–how can they say mark twain was an [...]

New Carol Bui Song

Learning to play the drums has been good for Carol Bui, at least if this new song that she recently posted to Myspace is any indication. "Mira You're Free With Me" is heavy on percussion, with tambourines, shakers, and hand claps generously deployed throughout. The big guitar riff ties it all together though and [...]