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Joke’s On You: To Curb Allegations of Joke Stealing, D.C. Comics Get Creative

It’s a chilly evening in October, and a band of stand-up comics, clowns, improvisers, and freelance writers has crowded into 14th Street NW eatery Restaurant Judy for a meeting of the D.C. Comedy Writers group. They’ve come here to write, riff, and workshop ideas for material. But mostly, they’re here to suck.
The group offers something [...]

This Could Be Funny: An Excuse to Play This Mencia Clip

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, July 8: Blues Brothers at Rosslyn Outdoor Film Fest
This is the best movie to watch outside, for free, in the summer—ever. It has car chases, memorable musical numbers, blind men shooting guns, preachers doing flips, and the downfall of Illinois Nazis. Being [...]