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Arts Roundup: ICE ICE Baby Edition

The historic Franklin School to become a contemporary art museum with rotating exhibits. [Housing Complex]
Dani Levinas, the entrepreneur and arts patron that will retool the Franklin School with his Institute for Contemporary Expression (ICE), talks about the project's next steps. [Post]
But is an art museum the best use of the building? [Greater Greater Washington]
The Ex [...]

Arts Roundup: John Fahey Edition

John Fahey bio In Search of Blind Joe Death shows at AFI Silver Theatre this weekend. [Post]
The D.C.-set Scandal is just one TV show chipping away at the "strong black woman" stereotype. [Buzzfeed]
A Captain America trailer shows shots filmed in the District. [DCist]
Honoring Dance Place founder Carla Perlo means honoring decades of dance in the [...]

Captain America Sequel Shuts Down Roosevelt Bridge on Sunday

To accommodate the filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the District Department of Transportation plans to temporarily close the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge for a few hours on Sunday, May 5. The bridge will be off-limits from 8:20 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. that day.
"The Theodore Roosevelt Bridge plays an [...]

Comic-Book Rapper Adam WarRock on Living the GUG Life

Hip-hop has been populated by superhero (and supervillain) obsessives since its infancy, but few rappers indulge their love of comic books like Adam WarRock. For last week's Washington City Paper, I reviewed You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, the second full-length from the artist born Eugene Ahn. Recently, I also interviewed him about how he [...]

How to Spend Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day has taken place the first Saturday of May since 2002, which is May 7 this year, the day after Marvel Comics' Thor movie opens. For some strange reason,  FCBD has not been declared a national holiday yet, but a family barbecue after a visit to your local store might be appropriate. [...]

International Ink: Brody’s Ghost, Wolverine, Usagi Yojimbo

A summer cold derailed my plans for a column last week, so this week's is jam-packed.To keep things organized, we'll go in order of maturity—as much as one can when speaking of comic books, of course.
Wolverine: Worst Day Ever by Barry Lyga (Marvel, $14.99) is an illustrated novel from the publisher's "kids" line backed with [...]

International Ink: War, Werewolves, Steampunk, Kung Fu, and Cap

The long July 4 weekend lent itself to comics reading, so here are some impressions of some new books. War Is Boring: Bored Stiff, Scared To Death in the World's Worst War Zones, written by David Axe and illustrated by independent editorial cartoonist Matt Bors (New American Library, $12.95), is heavily influenced by Joe Sacco's [...]

Thursday: Kyle Baker and Bill Foster on Black-Themed Comic Books

Howard University is hosting two speakers on the topic of black-themed comic books and cartoonists at "Comics on Campus," a symposium in the Blackburn University Center from 3 to 5:30 p.m. this Thursday. Cartoonist Kyle Baker has worked on African-American-centric titles like the historical biography Nat Turner; Truth: Red, White & Black, a story of [...]

When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield…

... it apparently ends up on the new penny. After a year of four bucolic scenes from Abraham Lincoln's life, the newly redesigned 2010 penny gets warlike with a shield centered on its back. It looks a lot like the one carried by Cap in 1941—which proved so impractical it disappeared in issue No. 2 [...]

Arts Roundup: I Am Already Too Multiplatform for Google Buzz Edition

Good morning! Yesterday, I blogged in pajamas. Today, sadly, I must wear pants.
Google Buzz! It debuted yesterday! Like Beaujon, I don't quite understand it! And while it's cool that Google's new horse in the microblogging race means I have a couple dozen more followers in Google Reader, I did not appreciate having to confirm them, like, [...]