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Arts Roundup: Friiiiiiiiiiinge! Edition

Get your 2013 Capital Fringe tickets NOW. [Capital Fringe]
The classy Hay-Adams author series commences this summer. [Post]
Architecture firm Gensler redesigns its own office. [Post]
How much do artist studios go for in D.C.? [Curbed]
House of Cards takes over the Maryland House of Delegates. [WTOP]
Want to witness the unveiling of the Frederick Douglass statue in the Capitol's [...]

Fringe & Purge Wants You

The Fringe & Purge Action News and Commentary Squad is once again looking for a few good women and men to write reviews of Fringe shows. No experience necessary, though we will ask you to follow this format—and if you want to read this helpful manifesto on How to Make Criticism written by a [...]

Weekend Picks: Fall Fringe

While it may cause vision-blurring cognititive dissonance just to think about anything related to the Captial Fringe Festival while comfortably wearing long pants (or maybe I'm just projecting), Fall Fringe, the seven-year-old DIY theater bacchanal's cool-weather cousin, is upon us. The second of its three weekends kicks off tonight. The majority of the [...]

Capital Fringe’s Julianne Brienza Might Be a Genius

In February, at a D.C. Council oversight hearing for the District's arts commission, Julianne Brienza did this:
"We can't get the appropriate amount of money in the District of Columbia," said the executive director of the Capital Fringe Festival, the scrappy and now massive unjuried performing arts festival that takes over the Mount Vernon Square area each [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: D.C.-Set TV Shows, a Fringe Post-Mortem, Mission for Christ, and the Renwick

Will TV ever get D.C. right? Frankly, that was never the point, argues Tom Carson in his essay on Washington-set TV shows on the cover of this week's Washington City Paper. Leading the arts section is Chris Klimek's wrap-up on the seventh Capital Fringe Festival—which, he argues, finally feels professional. Derek Hills breaks down the [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Riot Act, Mike Daisey, and Plays About Occupy Wall Street

Chris Heller leads this week's arts section with a look at the ugly legal battle brewing between the owners of the former Riot Act Comedy Theater, which reopened as the game-centric Penn Social this month. Chris Klimek looks at the handful of shows at this year's Capital Fringe Festival that deal with the Occupy Wall [...]

Arts Roundup: Higgs Boss Edition

Buy this art by Lungfish frontman Daniel Higgs. [James Fuentes gallery, via Dischord]
Read our Mike Daisey cover story. Then, the Post has some more. [Post]
Mark Jenkins interviews curators of the National Gallery of Art's "In the Tower: Barnett Newman" and the Corcoran's "Richard Diebenkorn: The OCean Park Series." [Express]
Various guides to the Capital Fringe Festival. Read [...]

Blog for Fringe & Purge!

The Capital Fringe Festival is entering its Diamonds Are Forever phase. The unjuried, free-form performing arts festival's seventh iteration kicks off July 12 and will sprawl across 18 venues through July 29. And with another slate of 130-plus shows from acts ranging from greenhorns to old timers, the menu can be overwhelming. [...]

Capital Fringe VII Program Offers 130-Plus Reasons to Sweat Through Your Clothes This July

Performing arts live & uncensored, promises the cover of program of the seventh Capital Fringe Festival, which will once again occupy a mix of year-round and seasonal performance venues—18 sites this year—for three weekends in the dead of summer, July 12 to 29.
The photo on the cover is of a young woman who appears to [...]

Pinky Swear Productions, Facing a Permit-Related Shut-Down, Gets a Hand From Capital Fringe

Update appended
Yesterday afternoon, it looked like Pinky Swear Productions' mounting of Killing Women at Spooky Action Theater might be doomed. "Due to the complaint of a nasty neighbor to the church/spooky action about usage permits, Killing Women may be shut down," the troupe's co-artistic director, Karen Lange, tweeted at 2:41 p.m. "If anyone knows of any alternate [...]