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Deleted Scenes’ Merch Seized at Canadian Border

Monday afternoon, D.C. band Deleted Scenes was on its way from Harrisburg, Pa., to play a gig in Montreal. But, like generations of indie groups before them, the band ran into major problems at the Canadian border.
Officials seized 47 records, 88 CDs, and about 50 t-shirts, amounting to roughly $1600 in merchandise. The band posted [...]

A Chat With Kill Shakespeare Writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery

Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, the Canadian creators and writers of the comic book Kill Shakespeare, are speaking tomorrow at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The two answered some occasionally tongue-in-cheek questions before their local appearance.
Washington City Paper: Can you sum up your comic book for us in a short paragraph?
Anthony Del Col: Kill Shakespeare is [...]

International Ink: France, Canada, England, New York, and New Haven

Jacques Tardi's Adèle Blanc-Sec is a longtime favorite French anti-heroine, appearing first in comic books in 1972. She's never quite broken into the English-language market, although four books appeared in English the 1990s. Now in the wake of a movie adaptation appearing in France, Fantagraphics publisher Kim Thompson has translated her first two stories anew. [...]

International Ink: Demo, Smile, and Moving Pictures

Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan's Demo Nos. 1-4 (DC Comics/Vertigo, $2.99 each) feature short stories with an O. Henry or M. Night Shaylaman-type twist. The series first came out though a small press several years ago, but since then the two have broken into the big time. They are now working with one of [...]

Tonight at Filmfest: Lourdes Kills, Elvis Dies

Sylvie Testud plays a handicapped woman
hoping for a miracle in Lourdes.
With the exception of The Balibo Conspiracy, tonight's recommendations are quietly appealing films that captivate through the depth of their characters rather than the intrigue of their plots. Tonight's films to avoid tend to be markedly overwrought.
See it:
Paralyzed from the neck down with multiple sclerosis, [...]