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Living Legends: Jazz Setlist, April 23-29

Hear big-band music from local universities and see Andrew White perform A Love Supreme.

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 20-26: Potpourri

Thursday, October 20
Fusion! Boy, has that word been a mindfuck for 40 years of jazz. But the blending of jazz with rock—and just about everything else it encounters—has undergone a revitalization in the last decade or so, particularly in Europe. One of the performers leading the charge across the Atlantic is the trumpeter Eric Vloeimans. [...]

Jazz Setlist, Apr. 22-28: Sherman, Moutin, and the Big Bands

Thursday, April 22
We've talked before about Rhythm Road, the joint project of the State Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center that sends practitioners of American music around the world to promote cross-cultural understanding. Well, suppose for some reason you can't make it to the 97 countries the tours are covering this year? Why, in that [...]