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Lotsa Pop Losers Festival: An Oral History

The Lotsa Pop Losers festival was held in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C. on October 26 and 27, 1991. Jointly sponsored by local labels Simple Machines, Teen-Beat, and Slumberland, the event served as a showcase for some of the more pop-oriented indie-rock bands active on the East Coast, pulling together bands from New York, Boston, [...]

Why We Should Stop Talking About K Records, According to Naomi Punk’s Travis Coster

Distorted, bruised rock isn't new to the Pacific Northwest—see "grunge scene, Washington"—but Naomi Punk's particular flavor mucks up the '90s alt-rock radio formula a bit, slathering it in noisy guitars and crashing cymbals. The messy twist is brought to life by singer-guitarist Travis Coster, drummer Nicolas Luempert, and guitarist Neil Gregerson.
The group's members met when they [...]

Arts Roundup: Little Munchkin Lambie Pie Edition

H Street sitcom creator: “In terms of where they’re from, their background, their ethnicity — we didn’t have any of that. We just started casting.” Sure about that? Also, the show better include that burglar with the bad English accent. [Post]
"Aw, little munchkin lambie pie – I know you tried." Why Fringe festivals produce too much [...]

ToDo Today: Shark Week Without Cable!

For the past 25 years, August has brought Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, a frank, explorative, and compelling series of hour-long investigations of the world’s most iconic fish. Now that Chompie, a giant shark both inflatable and promotional, once again adorns the media company’s headquarters in Silver Spring, it’s easy to deduce that Shark Week is [...]

Endorsed: America Hearts’ Fond Regards EP

I really love the Aislers Set. For whatever reason (but not because I'm buying into any twee-pop clichés or anything), I strongly associate that band with knitting.
D.C.'s Jess Matthews also loves the Aislers Set, a fact she noted in an e-mail several months ago, and one that's also evident in the music she makes as [...]