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ToDo ToDay: Short Films, Free Burritos, and Familiar Faces

The Hirshhorn Museum’s current exhibition, "Damage Control," is fixated on destruction. Tonight, the Goethe-Institut—in partnership with the Hirshhorn and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen—pushes that theme a step further with a collection of European short films that examines damage up close. But damage manifests itself in many ways: The films cover everything from antlike creatures [...]

ToDo ToDay: Woolly Mammoth’s Detroit and Blondie

Lisa D’Amour’s Pulitzer finalist play Detroit isn’t actually set in Detroit, but its vision of a crumbling suburbia does seem comparable to a city where homes are sold for close to the cost of a few six-packs. One couple, Mary and Ben, invites their new, recovering junkie neighbors, Sharon and Kenny, over for a cookout, and anxiety and [...]

ToDo ToDay: Fawna Xiao and Tax Day Food Deals!

For most printmakers, each work they create is almost entirely executed before the ink hits the page. Fawna Xiao is not most printmakers. She approaches her prints like a painter approaches a painting: by adding one layer on top of another until she’s created her ideal effect. In her latest solo show, “Lost Land,” she [...]