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Betsy Greer’s Craftivism Trades Picket Signs for Knitting Needles

Betsy Greer believes in activism so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Or a glue stick. Or a knitting needle. Or a ball of yarn, for that matter.
The 38-year-old Arlington resident is the mother of craftivism, a word she coined to signify the grassroots movement that eschews megaphones for quilting, yarn-bombing, sewing, and the like.
“I [...]

Artomatic: Some Early Reactions

Barnstorming through Artomatic, it's easier to react than reflect. This year's artist headcount is more than 1,000, which means a two-hour dash through the 10 floors of artwork gives you about five seconds per artist—an overestimation that does not factor in the time to move between rooms, move between floors, or get lost.  That estimate [...]