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Kennedy Center Announces $100 Million Expansion, Plots to Take Over Potomac River

Today, the Kennedy Center announced plans for a $100 million expansion that will finally give the arts center much-needed space for education and rehearsal. The first major expansion since the center opened in 1971, the initiative adds about 60,000 square feet south of the facility. But most titillating is the Kennedy Center's plot to slowly [...]

Can Art Augment Diplomacy? Takeaways From the Art In Embassies Gala

The presidential inauguration is still a month away, but D.C.'s liberal establishment got an early start last week, while celebrating the Art in Embassies 50th anniversary. A week of performances and installations—including an exploding pine tree on the National Mall—culminated in a big party in the atrium of the National Portrait Gallery Friday night.
No doubt [...]

If a Tree Explodes on the National Mall…

Several hundred viewers—and probably a few dozen unknowing workers at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services across the street—are all asking themselves right now: What the hell was that?
Well, the "that" in question was an explosion on the National Mall, one triggered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, [...]

Photos: Tree Explosion, National Mall

Today: A Tree Blows Up on the National Mall

In what may be one of the first planned explosions on the National Mall, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang is expected to blow up a 40-foot pine tree this afternoon in honor of the Sackler Gallery’s 25th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the Art in Embassies program.
Using 2,000 firework-like explosives, Guo-Qiang will take the pine [...]