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Remembering Leroy Fleming, Former Member of Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers

Near the end of  “Bustin’ Loose,” Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers’ R&B hit from 1978,  the late D.C. go-go funk pioneer exclaims, "Hey Leroy, gimme some of that horn right here!" On cue, Leroy Fleming explodes into a glorious tenor solo. That might be Fleming's most famous recorded moment, but the D.C. saxophonist's talents also [...]

Chuck Brown’s Chips Ahoy Ad Takes New York

Over the weekend, I was visiting my in-laws in Staten Island. While we were flipping through TV channels at one point, a familiar beat thumped out into the living room. "I feel like bustin' loose..." the TV sang.
Yes—Chuck Brown's Chips Ahoy commercial had gone national.
The spot's been on the air for a while, but this [...]