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Jazz Setlist, March 31-April 6: 4 Generations of Miles, 4 Nights of Music

Mike Stern's Miles Davis tribute, drummer Jeff Cosgrove, and more.

Living Legends: Jazz Setlist, Nov. 6-12

Romeir Mendez, a Baltimorean bass player, requires huge sounds from his sidemen to keep him from devouring the bandstand whole.

Jazz Setlist, February 23-29: Piano/Bass/Drums

Thursday, Feb. 23
As beautiful as the Coltrane-derived tradition of "spiritual jazz" is—and as much as this writer loves and values it—it hasn't often had the transcendent, moving-to-a-higher-plane effect that its admirers often give it credit for. John Coltrane, Billy Harper, Pharoah Sanders all move me, inspire me, challenge me; they don't offer me spiritual enlightenment. [...]