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Listen: Kev Brown’s Soulful Ode to South Africa

There's a YouTube clip in which veteran Brooklyn rapper Busta Rhymes effusively praises Landover, Md., producer Kev Brown. "He gave me like 2,000 beats, and I've got five unbelievable joints with the homie Kev Brown!" Busta exclaims.
Brown stood stoic, taking it all in. The producer doesn't say much, and his name rarely arises when folks discuss the DMV's [...]

The Sleigher: Justin Bieber, “Little Drummer Boy” (Featuring Busta Rhymes)

HO HO WHO: "The Little Drummer Boy," in its purest iteration, is a song about a young man who, at the urging of the Magi, offers his dope beats to the baby Jesus. Replace the Magi with Usher and the baby Jesus with the Internet and you have a pretty accurate representation of why culture [...]

Tonight at U Street Music Hall: Marsha Ambrosius and Raekwon Listening Party

Floetry's last U.S. gig took place at DAR Constitution Hall in 2006, so vocalist Marsha Ambrosius knows a thing or two about Chocolate City.
In fact, the British soul singer remembers a show at the 9:30 Club some years ago, in which she could "barely stand up," but the crowd's energy was such that it almost [...]

Busta Rhymes Has Earned This Détente

I've been categorically dismissing Busta Rhymes for nearly two decades, but my stamina is finally shot: I hereby endorse his jabberjawing on "Look At Me Now," the new Chris Brown single that also features Lil Wayne. Busta doesn't say shit, but his syllables have uncommon euphony, and I can picture 'em flitting across a musical [...]

Weekend Music Round-Up


The Dance Party, Ra Ra Rasputin, Tigercity, Casper Bangs. 9:30 club. $15. All ages.
Deja Blue, Clarence “Bluesman” Turner. Bangkok Blues. Call for price.
Handsome Furs, Dri, The Cinnamon Band. Black Cat. $12. All ages.
Lynne Fiddmont. Blues Alley. $25.
Atheist, The Faceless, Psyopus, The Agonist, Gnostic, Condemn the Infected, A Bloodbath in Boston. Jaxx. $20/$23.
Alex Brown Quartet [...]