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ToDo ToDay: An Indie-Rock Festival Weekend

Say you like contemporary classical music, but the National Symphony’s recent offerings favor Mozart and Beethoven. Don’t fret—the New York City Ballet has you covered. This weekend, the company performs to works by American icon John Adams, contemporary Russian composer Leonid Desyatnikov, and 20th-century classics by Bernstein and Gerswhin. But there’s a catch: You have [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 5-11: The Buck Stops Here

Friday, April 6
For last week's Best of D.C. issue, I named Buck Hill, the octogenarian tenor saxophonist known as the District's "Wailin' Mailman," the city's "Best Elder Statesman." I wrote, "Hill no longer conquers jam sessions; he’s only an occasional stage presence these days...though he’s lost none of the mighty swing and cocksure, paint-peeling tone [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 20-26: Frontloaded

Tonight, Jan. 20
The rise of young Miguel Zenon has brought renewed attention on the jazz strands of Puerto Rico, but the Island of Enchantment has a long, long lineage in the music from Juan Tizol to Tito Puente to David Sanchez. Puente remains the king; if there's a Crown Prince of Puerto Rican jazz, however, [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 6-12: Cancellation Consolations

Alas! Originally scheduled this weekend was what promised to be one of the coolest concerts in memory: the legendary Benny Golson, tenor saxophonist and composer extraordinaire, in the bustling-yet-intimate atmosphere of Bohemian Caverns. Benny canceled. A bummer, since he was by far the biggest show of the week. But we can take heart in the [...]

Jazz Setlist: Oct. 22-28, 2009

Oct. 23
With his gravity-defying hair and temperamental attack on the piano, comparisons between Eric Lewis and Beethoven are probably inevitable. They're also apt: Lewis is a brilliant talent who loves to throw conventions to the wolves. His solo sets tend to include jazz standards, pop songs, rock anthems, even TV and movie themes—whatever gets his [...]