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One Track Mind: Brûlée, To a Crisp

Standout Track: No. 1, the poppy "In Defense of a Blue Shower Curtain." It begins with an upright bass riff, gloriously strummed by Andrew Brown, then proceeds to a mellow, jazz-rock groove from guitarist Louis Matza and drummer Lex O’Brien. The hooky chorus—whose key makes an unusual shift downward from the verse—is a plea with [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sept. 9-15: Yet Another Festival Weekend

Friday, Sept. 10
"Brûlée has never called itself a jazz group," the quartet says in its mailings, "But the strong jazz influences in our music are unmistakable." No kidding. Two of the four members, bassist Andrew Brown and drummer Lex O'Brien have both worked as professional jazz musicians (especially O'Brien, a startlingly accomplished drummer and composer [...]