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Fare Assessment: Jonathan L. Fischer and Darrow Montgomery Go on the Bruise Cruise

There are plenty of reasons for an arts critic to leave town—say, vacation. OK, OK, all critics should see what's animating the national conversation from time to time—it can broaden and inform their perspective. Ordinarily we reserve "Fare Assessment" posts for analyzing The Washington Post's many forays outside the D.C. area—New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Bruise Cruise, Fraser Gallery, Gauguin

This week, I've got the cover story with a freewheeling tale of indie rock on the high seas: In "A Supposedly Punk Thing I'll Never Do Again," I recount what, exactly, I learned on the Bruise Cruise. Bonus: a Bruise Cruise photo gallery from Darrow Montgomery.
Kriston Capps and Louis Jacobson lead the arts section with [...]

We Were on a Boat

...and now we have a cover story to show for it. Darrow Montgomery and I recently spent three days at sea with nine bands, 380 fans, and one puppet show. What'd we learn on the Bruise Cruise? For starters, that nothing—not even garage rock and a coterie of like-minded scenesters—can keep the seductive monotony of [...]

Bruise Cruise: We’re Off the Boat

We're finally back in Miami. But in our last few hours on the Carnival Imagination, the Bruise Cruise shook itself out of its early-Sunday malaise.
That much, anyway, was clear when late in the afternoon Black Lips bassist Jared Swilley hurled his instrument into the ocean, after the group shot some footage for a music video [...]

Bruise Cruise: The Kid Rock Equation

This is the comedown day. Last night’s Señor Frog’s showcase and subsequent dance contest meant a late start for many Bruisers, but by late morning they’ve roused. And while the show—in which fratboys shared a dance floor with punk rockers, and punk bands shared a sound system with a DJ spinning the Black Eyed Peas—put [...]

Bruise Cruise: Señor Frog’s

We’ve been on a boat all weekend—it begs constant acknowledgement. And to be sure, there is plenty meta-commentary. Ian Svenonius is almost nothing but.
My favorite such moment comes Saturday night, midway through the Bruise Cruise’s stop at Señor Frog’s, the garish cancer of a tourist destination that is host to the weekend’s biggest musical showcase. [...]

Bruise Cruise: The Lido Deck

When the Bruisers aren’t gathered in the Xanadu lounge for shows, they can most reliably be found up on the Lido Deck—the pool. Specifically, by the bar and in the cluster of deck chairs closest to it. Their drink of choice—and this cruise’s de facto PBR—is the Foster’s oil can.
Last night, the action moved to [...]

Bruise Cruise: Tear Down the Wall

I miss the first rock show on the Bruise Cruise Friday night, on account of: 1) I am finishing up a blog post; 2) I’m feeling kind of seasick. I’m later told Ty Segall was good. I’m also told a Bruiser proposed to his girlfriend during Segall’s set, with musical accompaniment from Segall’s band. Magic [...]

Bruise Cruise: The Versace Crawl

“You know the guy who killed Versace?” asks Chris, the leathery-featured guy driving the van. He points toward the channel to our right, “built by the Army Corps of Engineers,” and mutters something. “Remember Versace?” Chris insists, but the question is lost on the man riding shotgun, whose cruise isn’t until Sunday, yet who is [...]

Ian Svenonius on the Bruise Cruise: “Maybe This is the First Step of Indie Rock Going Vegas”

It could be a rousing success, but the Bruise Cruise will still be absurd. And there's no one better at plumbing our society's absurdities than Ian Svenonius, the Nation of Ulysses and Make-Up and Weird War and now Chain & The Gang leader who's responsible for some of D.C.'s most sharped-tongued modern-day punk rock. He'll [...]