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Kevin Costner at Strathmore, Reviewed

I’ll admit: when I heard Kevin Costner’s band was coming to Strathmore, I volunteered for the assignment for the sole purpose of making fun of Kevin Costner. I had never actually heard Kevin Costner’s band. It’s unfair, I know. But neither had most of my fellow concertgoers. Based on a handful of conversations with them, [...]

This Week in Film: Cop Out and Terribly Happy

The Kevin Smith-helmed Cop Out and Oscar-nominated Terribly Happy both have police officers as their central characters, deal with romantic troubles, and, unfortunately, miss the mark.
Tracy Morgan's lovable and bumbling shtick that's worked for him so well on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock is a wrong fit for Cop Out. Though Bruce Willis hasn't [...]

I Should Have Sent My Surrogate to See Surrogates

Not even a CGI-treated Bruce Willis sporting a toupee can redeem Surrogates, the dystopian robot movie that forsakes a promising plot in favor of blowing shit up at random.
"But I love blowing shit up/blowing robots," you're probably thinking. "And I love watching Die Hard on USA. Oh, heh, I just remembered that time he yelled, [...]

Surrogate Love in H+

The new issue of H+, the transhumanist magazine, hits shelves this week. Inside it are two things of note: The first is a decent interview with Robert Venditti, author of The Surrogates, the graphic novel which inspired the movie of a similar name (this interview is infinitely more pleasurable than the movie. Not even Bruce [...]

In Theaters This Week

Good God, there are a lot of new movies opening today. They're not all winners, but from docs to sci-fi to period romance, if you don't find something that interests you, you must hate America.
(Click links to reveal the reviews encoded within. Or, in Fame's case, the more entertaining "Nine Most Scathing Critical Responses.")
Bright Star: [...]