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Playlist: My President Is Back

Themed playlists can be brilliant but a lot of themed playlists can go to hell. They're like cooking challenges with mandatory lavender. Cute trick, bro, but what am I supposed to feel?
I hadn’t brushed up on the local races, and I even considered not voting given the overwhelmingly pro-Obama electorate in the District. At the [...]

Arts Roundup: Our Favorite D.C. Musicians Edition

City Paper-approved MC Kokayi goes head to head with his kid son in a freestyle battle. Watch! [Potholes In My Blog]
City Paper-approved guitarist Alex Minoff releases his album. Listen! [Bandcamp]
Bruce Springsteen throws his weight behind President Barack Obama in Virginia, and Rep. Eric Cantor's Democratic opponent in Virginia's 7th Congressional District has an advocate in bluegrass [...]

Arts Roundup: Jeopardy! Edition

Jeopardy's "Power Players" taping at DAR Constitution Hall will feature contestants Anderson Cooper, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lewis Black, Dana Perino, and Robert Gibbs [Post]
Washington Post reporter Elizabeth Flock resigns after lifting a Discovery News report [Romenesko]
Pulitzers to Huffington Post and Politico [DCist]
Kennedy Center prez Michael Kaiser on audience engagement [Huffington Post]

This One Time, We All Got Bandanas: Bruuuuuuuuce Returns to D.C.

Bruce Springsteen was back at the Verizon Center for the first time in two and a half years last night to bind up our nation’s wounds once more. Also to send us home with our ears ringin’, our back achin’, and our sexual organs stimulated, to paraphrase some of the stage-patter he repeated [...]

Play “Find the Rock Riff” With Tender Thrill’s Debut LP

There's something familiar going on throughout Tender Thrill's debut LP. "All Night," the record's ballsy 10-minute opener, lifts the crunchy riff and rock-classicist rhyme scheme from Bruce Springsteen's "Ramrod."  "Geena" has to be a Ramones pastiche. "In Black" borrows from Elvis. "The Last Mile" could be Patsy Cline, but slowed to sludge. Where War on Drugs [...]

Arts Roundup: Frida Kahlo Edition

A Win for Rosslyn: Artisphere has announced the exciting U.S. premiere of photographs from the collection of iconic Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Upon Kahlo's death in 1954, thousands of her photographs and personal items were sealed and stowed away. They remained in storage until the stash was cracked open in 2007. From [...]

Arts Roundup: Washington Post Edition

Bruce: In Tuesday's Washington Post, Bruce Springsteen's introduction to journalism professor Dale Maharidge and WaPo photographer Michael S. Williamson's latest book, Someplace Like America: Tales From the New Great Depression, is repurposed for the Style section. Springsteen writes that Maharidge and Williamson's previous book, Journey to Nowhere, inspired him to pick up his pen: "I had [...]

Crazy for Long Walks on the Beach’s Latest Jam

Earlier today Pennsylvania music blog Yvynl premiered a tune from D.C.'s very own Fritz Kramer, aka Long Walks on the Beach. Kramer melds jangly garage-rock with lo-fi bedroom-pop to inspire images of what it might have been like if your teenage bedroom got moved to your parents' garage. Yet the new single, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Boxing on D.C. Stages, The Bang Bang Club, The Sweater Set

Chris Klimek—boxing instructor and theater critic—opens this week's arts section with an essay exploring the recent surfeit of pugilism on D.C. stages. My colleagues and I ponder which D.C. chains will get into the concert business now that Sweetgreen's annual festival has gone big-time. Tricia Olszewski has a triply bad time at the movies; check [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Blue Velvet, My Dog Tulip, Rohmer, Springsteen

Wednesday: Blue Velvet at the Artisphere
Artisphere wraps up its series of David Lynch films with the second-most-talked-about severed ear in history. Between Isabella Rosselini's gutsy performance as Dorothy, the pain-loving pleasure-seeker, and Dennis Hopper's turn as the disgusting Frank Booth, Blue Velvet cemented Lynch as a master of the disturbed and ripped the wholesome sheen [...]